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Beranda Hukum&Kriminal Papua Police Chief Rejects Request from KKB Merdeka and Senpi to Release...

Papua Police Chief Rejects Request from KKB Merdeka and Senpi to Release Captain Philip

Jayapura – Papua Police Chief, Inspector General. Pol. Mathius D. Fakhiri, S.I.K., M.H., emphasized that his party would not agree to the request for independence and firearms and ammunition submitted by the KKB led by Egianus Kogoya. This request was submitted as a condition for the release of Susi Air Pilot Philip Mark Merthens who was held hostage by KKB since February 7 2023.

“I emphasize that the Government and TNI-Polri have agreed not to accommodate the wishes of the KKB regarding requests for independence as well as requests for weapons and ammunition,” stressed the Papua Police Chief, Saturday (14/10/23).

The Regional Police Chief explained that negotiation efforts regarding the release of Captain Philip were still being carried out by the Regional Government with support from community and religious leaders. He also added that the technical details of the negotiations and the content of the negotiations were the domain of the local regional government.

“However, in principle we hope and pray that the negotiation efforts will be successful and that pilot Philip Mehrtens can be returned safe and sound,” he explained further.

The Two Star General also added that the security forces remain committed to maintaining pilot safety and avoiding casualties from the local government, TNI-Polri, and the communities involved.

“I hope that all parties will be patient and support our efforts so that this problem is resolved quickly. “Law enforcement will continue to be enforced according to the rules,” he concluded.


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