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Beranda Pelayanan Logistics Distribution of National Police Chief's Social Aid for Humanitarian Aid in...

Logistics Distribution of National Police Chief’s Social Aid for Humanitarian Aid in Puncak Regency continues to be Intensified

Jayapura – In response to the drought disaster that hit Agandugume District, Puncak Regency, Papua Police through Mimika Regional Police again distributed logistics support from the National Police Chief, Tuesday (15/8/2023).

In this activity, there were two aircraft used to transport logistics from Mozes Kilangin Airport Timika to Agandugume District. Commissioner of Police Ignatius Benny Ady Prabowo, Head of Public Relations of Papua Police, explained that two aircraft, namely Reven Global Airtransport Carter Aircraft with registration numbers PK-RVV and PK-RVC, were used to send the aid.

“This activity involved 8 personnel from Mimika Airport Police, 2 personnel from Mimika Resort Public Relations, and 2 personnel from Puncak Police. The logistics distribution process is carried out very carefully and efficiently,” explained the Head of Public Relations.

The series of activities began at 07.00 WIT with the arrival of the logistics of the National Police Social Assistance support along with the escort at the AVCO Mozes Kilangin Timika Airport pioneer terminal.

“After that, the X-ray inspection process and logistics weighing were carried out at 07.30 WIT. At 08:47 WIT, the support logistics were loaded onto the plane in a careful loading process,” added Kombes Benny.

At 09.10 WIT, the Caravan C 208 B Reven Global Airtransport / PK-RVV Carter Aircraft took off from Mozes Kilangin Airport Timika carrying logistics support for the Chief of Police and companions with a total weight of 204Kg.

On the second trip at 10.50 WIT, the logistics loading process was carried out for Caravan C 208 B Reven Global Airtransport / PK-RVC. At 11:05 WIT, this aircraft also took off carrying logistics support for the National Police Chief in the form of basic necessities and cold jackets, with a total weight of 800Kg.

“Today, 3 flights were dispatched to distribute Polri assistance from Timika to Sinak. Timika is the closest access to Sinak so that the logistics post for assistance from agencies that will be distributed to victims in Puncak is centered in Mimika Regency, “concluded the Head of Public Relations.

The distribution of these logistics is clear evidence of the Papua Police’s commitment to helping communities affected by the disaster. This activity is also a form of synergy between various elements of the police in carrying out humanitarian tasks.


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