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Beranda Hukum&Kriminal Sebby Sambon Masterminds Post-Lukas Enembe's Death Anarchism in Papua

Sebby Sambon Masterminds Post-Lukas Enembe’s Death Anarchism in Papua

Papua – The departure of the former Governor of Papua, the late Lukas Enembe, has left a wound within the Papua community.

Despite being involved in corruption cases, the figure often seen as the ‘father of development’ is still respected by many Papuans for his contributions.

However, it is alleged that this period of mourning was disrupted by Sebby Sambon, spokesperson for TPNPN OPM. Recently, recordings of TPNPN OPM’s spokesperson inciting Papuan society to exploit this period of mourning for anarchic activities have been widely circulated.

Sebby’s provocations resulted in a series of tragic events, including vehicle vandalism, the burning of 25 stores, and 14 casualties among civilians and security personnel.

Previously, Sebby Sambon had attacked Lukas Enembe by labeling him as ‘a slave of Jakarta’ and accusing him of never providing assistance to his faction. Moreover, Sebby indirectly insinuated that Lukas Enembe’s arrest was a result of an ancestral curse.

Sebby’s statement, reported by Gatra.com, asserts his belief that Lukas Enembe’s departure was due to ‘ignorance’, and that the Spirits and Ancestors of Papua did not protect him because he was considered ‘blind’.

“Yes, we believe so. Because he was blind, if he had closed his eyes, perhaps our Spirits and Ancestors could have protected him. But because he was blind, he will perish due to his sins that never saved his people,” he said.

This also caught the attention of the Commander of the XVII/Cenderwasih Military Command, Major General TNI Izak Pangemanan, who mentioned that the mob violence during Lukas Enembe’s funeral procession from Sentani to Koya Tengah on Thursday was orchestrated by members of KNPB and the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP).

“Members of KNPB and ULMWP incited riots during the procession from STAKIN Sentani, Jayapura Regency to the late Enembe’s residence in Koya Tengah, Muara Tami District, Jayapura City,” Izak stated on Friday.

Izak stated that members of KNPB and ULMWP infiltrated and joined the crowd accompanying the deceased’s journey, resulting in stone-throwing, arson of buildings, and vehicles. “The security forces will thoroughly investigate, both the assault cases and the arson,” he affirmed.

Seemingly attempting to absolve themselves from the consequences, the KNPB group in their recent statement, released by the media outlet Jubi, denied involvement in the mob violence that occurred during the funeral procession of the Governor of Papua.

This was conveyed by the National Spokesperson of the West Papua National Committee or KNPB Center, Ones Suhuniap in Jayapura City, Papua, on Friday (December 29, 2023).

“The incidents of stone-throwing, arson, and destruction of public facilities during Lukas Enembe’s funeral procession were not carried out by the KNPB. We are not responsible and reject these false accusations,” he stated.

He even assessed that these incidents were the responsibility of the Bereavement Committee, which in this case is the Local Government and the deceased’s family, and even the security forces.

However, the anarchic acts that occurred in Jayapura, Papua, were deemed a result of Sebby Sambon’s provocation, evident in using the mourning period as justification to disrupt peace and security in the Jayapura region by spreading provocative recordings.


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