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Beranda Imbauan Timika Traditional Leaders Invite the Community to Work Together to Maintain Security,...

Timika Traditional Leaders Invite the Community to Work Together to Maintain Security, Integrity, Peace

Mimika – Timika Traditional Leaders invite all community members to always maintain security, integrity and peace in Mimika district. This was conveyed at a restaurant in Timika, Friday (15/12/2023).

Yohanes Yulius Kum is the Chief of the Besar Puncak Tribe and also the war chief in Mimika Regency.

He also advised us to work together to maintain security in the 2024 elections.

“Let’s all work together to maintain security, to guard the 2024 elections, we will guard them together until they end peacefully,” said Yohanes.

In his statement, Yohanes Yulius Kum hopes that all the community and all elements in Mimika Regency will have hope to maintain security so that it remains safe, and for law enforcement to guard the 2024 elections well.

“I also convey more specifically to the law enforcers, guard the 2024 elections well so that people don’t get involved in politics with dirty politics, I as a tribal chief and a local child of the country don’t want all the DPRD legislative candidates. “Nor the Provincial Legislative Candidates do not want to play dirty politics,” he concluded.

Finally, the Chief of the Puncak Timika Tribe advised the people of Timika not to worry or panic


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