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Beranda Hukum&Kriminal Handling Papuan KKB Still Prioritizes Soft Approach

Handling Papuan KKB Still Prioritizes Soft Approach

JAYAPURA – Handling Armed Criminal Groups (KKB) in Papua is one of the concerns of TNI Commander General Agus Subiyanto.

He said that currently handling armed groups in Papua still uses a soft approach, namely territorial operations.

“To deal with OPM who are still acting up, we are still using a soft approach, namely that the TNI will carry out territorial operations to accelerate development in the Papua region,” he said, Friday 8/12/2023 in Jayapura.

The Commander said, if the soft approach is not heeded by the Papuan KKB, then the last action to be used is the hard approach.

“We will also use a hard approach. But that is the last action if the combatant uses weapons, we fight with weapons. “But actually we didn’t expect that,” said TNI Commander General Agus Subiyanto.

The Commander said that Papua had been given a fairly high budget, but it was very unfortunate because there were still social disparities in Papuan society.

“The presence of TNI soldiers in Papua is to assist Government programs with the aim of improving the welfare of the Papuan people, because the TNI collaborates with other agencies such as the National Police and related ministries/institutions to develop Papua,” he explained.

The TNI Commander also hopes that the regional government in Papua and related agencies, when carrying out work in areas prone to KKB disturbances, will ask the TNI-Polri for security assistance, in order to minimize acts of terror from the KKB.

“Yes, that was a shooting at a community that was under construction. Like yesterday in Paro, we built a community health center that was shot. So we collaborate. “I convey to the relevant ministries that if they carry out development activities and so on in Papua, they must collaborate with the TNI-Polri, so that they can be secured,” he concluded.


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