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Beranda Imbauan Indigenous Peoples, Religious and Youth Forums Agree to Reject OPM

Indigenous Peoples, Religious and Youth Forums Agree to Reject OPM

Jayapura_ Ahead of December 1, traditional, religious and youth leaders in Jayapura Regency held a discussion forum initiated by Mr. Yanto Eluay as Ondofolo Sentani. The activity, which was held at the Customary Hall (Obhe) Helebhey Wabhou, Sereh Village, Sentani District, Jayapura Regency, was themed Customary, Religious and Youth Leaders Reject OPM Anniversary, as well as providing a statement of attitude rejecting all forms of activities that contradict the government of the Republic of Indonesia.

The discussion forum attended by approximately 40 participants began with a speech delivered by Yanto Eluay. In his speech, Yanto revealed that our parents used to want independence because of incitement from the Dutch who pitted the Papuan people at that time.

“The Dutch used to incite our parents and pit us against fellow Papuans, because they had interests that resulted in Papuans conflicting with each other which led to the suffering of our own parents,” he said.

Now we are the next generation who determine the future direction of Papua, so we must instill in children the correct history that there is no day of independence of the Papuan nation because it is all made by the Dutch who do not want to leave the Land of Papua or Indonesia.

“So, I emphasize that there is no independence day for the Papuan people and there is no Papuan national flag, it is all lies created by the Dutch who lured the Papuan people at that time, once again I emphasize that we have Independence Day, which is on August 17,” said Yanto.

On that occasion, Ondo Atamali, Mr. Septinus Ibo, who also provided input to the younger generation of Papua, said that the future of Papua is in today’s youth, so do the best activities so that young people are not influenced by irresponsible incitement because it is only detrimental to ourselves.

“OPM is a Dutch legacy that does not want us to develop, so in December we should not carry out activities that can harm ourselves and others,” he added.

The youth were also enlightened by a religious figure, Rev. Jones Wenda, who said that as the next generation of the nation, we must realize that the government is God’s representative.

“Don’t want to be deceived by people who invite demonstrations, there is nothing in it for us, I ask you not to take part in any action related to December 1,” explained Jones Wenda.

At the end of the discussion, the participants made an agreement in the form of a statement of attitude which was then read out together, The statements of attitude that were read out were:

  1. We reject the anniversary of the opm (independent papua organization) on December 1, 2023, this organization is clearly rebellious and prohibited, and invites all elements of Papuan society in particular and generally the Indonesian people to reject the opm anniversary on December 1.
  2. To Papuans, especially students, not to commemorate the opm anniversary, because this is the same as being a traitor to the nation.
  3. Opm is a rebel organization, which does not agree with the results of the pepera (determination of people’s opinions) which states that the Papuan people joined Indonesia. Even though the pepera took place 54 years ago and the results were also considered valid by the international court. Opm does not accept and wants to liberate itself, even though Papua is a former Dutch colony and is automatically included in Indonesian territory.
  4. Firmly reject separatist groups that often torment the community and hinder development and invite the entire community to continue to maintain the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia, NKRI is final and Papua remains in the lap of the Republic of Indonesia.
  5. Ask all security forces to take firm action against any group that will celebrate the anniversary of the opm.
  6. Papua remains red and white, papua NKRI, papua peace.


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