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The Vice President Emphasizes the Need for Concrete Steps to Maintain Security Conduciveness in Papua

Jayapura – As an effort to bring about peace in Papua, the Indonesian Government has published the 2022-2041 Papua Development Acceleration Master Plan (RIPPP) which is committed to overcoming structural inequality and political, social and economic injustice, as well as taking a cultural approach. To implement RIPPP, stakeholders need to formulate concrete steps, not just discourse.

“This is for togetherness, for the good of Papua, for the welfare of Papua. “Concrete steps need to be formulated towards sustainable peace in Papua,” said Vice President K.H. Ma’ruf Amin when receiving humanitarian, human rights (HAM) and peace activist figures, at the Papua Governor’s Office, Jl. Soa Siu Dok 2, Jayapura, Tuesday (10/10/2023)

According to the Vice President, in implementing the efforts prepared to maintain security in Papua, one of them needs to be supported by dialogue activities that are constructive and promote security in Papua.

“The steps that have been designed need to be supported by constructive dialogue for the realization of peace in Papua,” he explained.

Furthermore, the Vice President believes that the Papuan people know their own characteristics better, so that solutions to security problems in Papua can be formulated through dialogue and discussion that can unravel the problems that occur.

“I want the solution to come from Papua itself. “I think Papuans know better how to solve this security problem,” said the Vice President.

“We must be able to formulate and find solutions,” he added.

On the other hand, the Vice President emphasized that the government is very open to input from the public. He also requested that all suggestions and constructive criticism be submitted to the government so that a solution can be formulated immediately.

“Well, what steps the government is taking now are not yet complete, so that it can resolve security issues. Open government. If [there is] injustice, where? Show it to the government, so the government will take steps. “Please formulate it as it is, let’s have a dialogue,” appealed the Vice President.

“We will coordinate so that the solution is complete,” he concluded.

Previously, human rights activist in Papua, Alberth Rumbekwan, expressed his hope to the government that dialogue would be held as a solution to solving problems in Papua.

“We want peace in this land. Therefore, the government must sit together at one table to carry out a joint dialogue. “This dialogue will solve the problems in the Land of Papua,” said Alberth.


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