Minggu 4 Juni, 2023
Beranda Imbauan Friday Confide, Binmas Waters Ditpolairud Polda Sulbar Urges Bone-Bone Residents to Take...

Friday Confide, Binmas Waters Ditpolairud Polda Sulbar Urges Bone-Bone Residents to Take Care of Security and Order

Mamuju- The West Sulawesi Regional Police Ditpolairud Water Binmas Unit carried out the Friday Chat program by visiting community members in Bone-Bone Village, Mamuju District, Mamuju Regency, West Sulawesi Province. The Friday Curhat program is a two-way communication program between the National Police and the public to discuss issues surrounding security and public order (kamtibmas) as well as Police services to the community., Friday/26/05/2023.

Bripka Pieter Paembonan, during his visit, appealed to residents about the importance of paying attention to safety when carrying out activities at sea and on the coast. He also stressed the importance of keeping the coast clean and not littering.

He continued, “If there are things that could disturb the community order and security around them, residents are asked to immediately report them to officers or contact the contact number that has been provided. This will enable police officers to respond quickly and prevent adverse events from occurring.

He added, the residents of Bone-Bone welcomed the activity and hoped for assistance from police officers, especially Binmas Polairud Polda West Sulawesi.

They hope for support in dealing with problems such as illegal fishing or the use of fish bombs which can damage the sustainability of marine fish and coral reefs. The people of Bone-Bone want to repair or replant coral reefs and they really hope for assistance and support from the Directorate of Water Police (Ditpolair) Polda West Sulawesi.

“With the Convey Friday program and collaboration between the National Police and the community, it is hoped that problems related to security and order and the environment can be solved together to create a safe, orderly and sustainable life for the people of West Sulawesi,” concluded Bripka Pieter Paembonan.


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