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Beranda Politik Enthusiasm in Papua Ahead of Elections, Acting Mayor of Jayapura: Our Political...

Enthusiasm in Papua Ahead of Elections, Acting Mayor of Jayapura: Our Political Rights Must Be Granted

Jayapura – Counting down to the democratic celebration of the General Election (Pemilu) in 2024, which is just 26 days away.

“I hope the participation in the 2024 General Election in the city of Jayapura can be above 90 percent,” said the Acting Mayor of Jayapura, Frans Pakey.

Frans Pakey conveyed that the process towards the 2024 General Election is currently underway at the Election Commission (KPU). Amid the busy schedule of the Papua Provincial KPU distributing logistics to various regencies and cities, regency/city levels have also started the sorting and folding phases of the ballot papers.

While political parties (Parpol) are in the campaign period, Frans Pakey hopes that all residents of Jayapura City will participate in supporting the ongoing stages of the General Election at the KPU.

“My message to the people of Jayapura is to maintain a safe and peaceful atmosphere ahead of the General Election,” said Frans Pakey.

Community support is expected to be reflected through their participation in casting votes on February 14, 2024.

Frans Pakey encourages the people of Jayapura not to abstain from voting. He invites residents to attend the Polling Stations (TPS) and exercise their voting rights in this General Election.

“Our political rights as the people in the city of Jayapura must be granted. This is also to support the increased voter participation in the 2024 General Election,” emphasized Frans Pakey.

Addressing the readiness and smoothness of the General Election, Frans Pakey stressed that all these processes will be regulated by the Election organizers, including the KPU, the Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu), and lower-level institutions such as Village Election Committees (PPD), Polling Station Organizers (KPPS), and others.

“In principle, the regional government, TNI-Polri fully supports the success of this democratic celebration in the city of Jayapura,” said Frans Pakey.

Frans Pakey added that political differences should not become a source of division or conflict in society. He emphasized that the democratic right of every citizen to support the best candidate and political party according to their choice should not lead to division.

“Different choices are the democratic right of every citizen, whoever the best candidate is and supporting any political party according to their choice,” concluded Frans Pakey. (*)


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