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Brigpol Ita Sombo Allo, Beautiful Policewoman Who Joined the Cartenz Papua Peace Operation

Papua – Currently, social media is abuzz with the presence of Police Brigadier (Brigpol) Ita Sombo Allo, a beautiful policewoman who took part in the Cartenz Peace Operation in Papua. Who is Brigadier Ita Sombo Allo who is currently a hot topic of conversation among the public?

Brigpol Ita Sombo Allo is currently assigned under the operational control (BKO) of the Papua Regional Police and is part of the members of the Cartenz 2024 Peace Operation.

“The figure of a female police officer who is not only beautiful, but also full of courage, comes from the East Kalimantan Regional Police and is now actively playing a role in the Cartenz 2024 Peace Operation at the Papua Regional Police. Police Brigadier Ita Sombo Allo, that’s her name, is currently in Papua, ready carried out his duties with full dedication in this operation,” read the statement that went viral on social media.

Carrying out further research on Brigadier Ita, it was discovered that she graduated from the Women’s Police School (Sepolwan) in 2010. Apart from that, Ita is also a member of the One Zero Brigade (BOZ), a community founded by Brigadier Polri since 2010.

When confirmed on Wednesday (17/01/2024), Brigadier Ita confirmed his participation in the Cartenz-2024 Peace Operations Task Force. He firmly stated his readiness to carry out his duties with full responsibility and dedication in maintaining security and order in the Papua region.

“Hopefully I can make a maximum contribution to the National Police and the Papuan people in general. “So that what we do together can provide significant benefits and help create a safe, prosperous and peaceful Papua,” said Brigadier Ita Sombo Allo.

For your information, Cartenz Peace Operation is a special operation in Papua which aims to maintain security stability in society. This operation started in 2023 and has been extended until the end of 2024, namely from January 1 to December 31.

Police Commissioner Faizal Ramadhani, Head of Cartenz 2024 Peace Operations, explained that the focus of this operation was law enforcement against Armed Criminal Groups (KKB) and Political Criminal Groups (KKP) in Papua.

“The 2024 Cartenz Peace Operation continues to have the main focus on law enforcement against Armed Criminal Groups (KKB) and Political Criminal Groups (KKP) in Papua,” said Faizal.

The target of the operation involves the Central Papua and Mountain Papua Provinces, with an emphasis on nine specific districts. Head of the Cartenz 2024 Peace Ops Public Relations Task Force, AKBP Bayu Suseno, added that this operation was aimed at dealing with KKB and KKP, with the main task currently being to resolve the hostage case of Susi Air Pilot, Captain Philip Mark Mehrtens.

Bayu hopes that the extension of the operational period this year can resolve this problem and create a safer and more peaceful situation in Papua.

He emphasized that the Cartenz Peace Operation implemented a hard approach that still respected Human Rights (HAM) in dealing with disturbances carried out by the KKB, KKP and their networks.

During 2023, the Cartenz Peace Operation succeeded in paralyzing 19 KKB people, with 124 people arrested and prosecuted. The operation also confiscated 32 weapons, 1,279 bullets, 25 magazines, 107 communication devices, 31 sharp weapons and 334 other pieces of evidence.

The Cartenz 2023 Peace Task Force claims to have succeeded in occupying 47 KKB headquarters in this operation.


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