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Beranda Imbauan Regional Police Chief Opens Interfaith Prayer and Fasting for Peaceful Elections in...

Regional Police Chief Opens Interfaith Prayer and Fasting for Peaceful Elections in Papua

Jayapura – Papua Police Chief, Inspector General Mathius D. Fakhiri, S.I.K., opened the interfaith prayer and fasting activities which were held at the Suny Garden Lake Hotel Sentani, Monday (11/12/2023). This activity aims to celebrate diversity and pray for the success of the Peaceful Elections in Papua in 2024.

In a solemn atmosphere, a number of interfaith figures, high-ranking TNI-Polri officials, and prayer participants from various religions were also present.

The list of attendees includes names such as Danlantamal IP, Head of SPN Jayapura Papua Police, Police Commissioner Marison Tober Hamonangan Sirait, S.I.K, Head of Public Relations of the Papua Police, Police Commissioner Ignatius Benny A. Prabowo, S.H, S.I.K, Chair of the Papua Province FKUB, Pdt. Lipiyus Biniluk, M.Th, Head of Papua Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion, Pdt. Klemens Taran as well as representatives from the police, prosecutor’s office and local religious leaders.

The activity started at 16.45 WIT with remarks from the Chair of FKUB Papua, Pdt. Lipiyus Biniluk, M.Th. In his speech, Rev. Lipiyus emphasized the importance of prayer and fasting as a form of commitment of religious communities in supporting the 2024 election activities. He also appreciated the support from the Papua Regional Police Chief, Inspector General Mathius D. Fakhiri, S.I.K., who was actively involved in efforts to realize peaceful elections.

“Prayer and fasting are the most vital things in religious communities throughout the world. Our prayers go up to the God we each believe in. I am sure that with religious activities like this, major events, especially the 2024 elections, will be successful and safe,” said Rev. Lipiyus Biniluk.

Furthermore, the Papua Police Chief, Inspector General Mathius D. Fakhiri, S.I.K., gave a speech that strengthened the TNI-Polri’s determination to maintain neutrality and security during the 2024 election process. He also reminded the importance of maintaining diversity in Papua as the main capital in building unity.

“Indonesia does not only belong to one group, Indonesia does not have just one religion, but belongs to all religions, belongs to all Indonesian people. Therefore, all of us as religious communities must not be part of the wrong, be hostile to each other, insult each other other things,” stressed the Regional Police Chief.

The Regional Police Chief also emphasized that the TNI-Polri will always be neutral and ready to guard and secure the implementation of the 2024 simultaneous election democracy party.

“Let’s together maintain diversity amidst these differences, let’s continue to promote that Papua is a small Indonesia that upholds Bhinneka Tunggal Ika and the first principle of Belief in One Almighty God,” said the Regional Police Chief.

The activity then continued with the reading of an interfaith breaking of the fast prayer led by the Regional Head of the Papua Ministry of Religion, Rev. Clement Taran. This prayer reflects the spirit of harmony between religious communities and the shared hope of creating peaceful elections in the Land of Papua.

Full of warmth, the event succeeded in creating an atmosphere of togetherness across religions, giving hope that the 2024 elections in Papua can take place peacefully and successfully.

For your information, interfaith prayer and fasting for the 2024 Peaceful Elections in Tanah Papua with the theme “The Role of Religion in Making the Peaceful Elections in Tanah Papua a Success” will be held for 2 days, namely 11 – 12 December 2023.


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