Senin 4 Maret, 2024
Beranda Imbauan Papuan Religious Leaders: December 1 is the beginning of welcoming the Son...

Papuan Religious Leaders: December 1 is the beginning of welcoming the Son of Christmas. Do not tarnish with Free Papua Politics

Jayapura- Religious leaders in Papua urge all people to welcome Christmas and New Year peacefully.

The General Secretary (Sekum) of the Gospel Camp of the Indonesian Church of Christ (Kingmi) in the Land of Papua, Pastor Yones Wenda, also invited elements of society to maintain order ahead of December 1, which is claimed to be the independence day of West Papua.

“December is the month of welcoming Christmas and the new year, don’t be busy with problems that don’t necessarily bring happiness,” said Yones Wenda, Thursday (30/11/2023).

Yones said, every December 1 there is a political agenda in the form of commemoration of the West Papua nation by a group of citizens.

For this reason, Yones appealed to the congregation and the community to be wiser in responding to it.

If you really want to convey aspirations, said Yones, it should be through prayer.

“Indeed, support through prayer is more meaningful, rather than being provoked and falling into problems that ultimately harm the community itself,” he said.

“I urge and invite the Papuan people to prepare themselves with a cool heart, always maintain a safe and peaceful situation,” he continued.


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