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Beranda Imbauan The Cartenz 2023 Peace Operation Task Force again carried out rescues and...

The Cartenz 2023 Peace Operation Task Force again carried out rescues and evacuated 9 survivors of the shooting of KKB Yahukimo Egianus Kogoya

Yahukimo- The Cartenz 2023 Peace Operations Task Force again carried out rescues and evacuated 9 survivors from the shooting and killing of KKB Egianus Kogoya at Kali I mining location in Seradala District, Yahukimo Regency (Tuesday night, 18/10/2023)

This activity involved 41 personnel from the Joint Cartenz Peace Task Force, Papua Mobile Brigade and Yahukomo Police. The activity was led directly by the Head of the Yahukimo Police, AKP Alwy Wayrooy.

Head of Peace Ops Cartenz 2023 Police Commissioner Dr. Faizal Ramadhani S.Sos, S.I.K, M.H said that his party on Tuesday evening received information that there were survivors from the KKB who came to the Kali Kolof Mobile Brigade Post, Seradala District, Kab. Yahukimo.

“Yesterday night (Tuesday), we received information that there were still residents who were safe and had escaped from the KKB attack. 1 civilian secured himself at the Pam Brimob Kali Kolof Post and 8 other civilians at the Bravo Brimob Company 3 Yon D Kali Post “Colof. Then we ordered the team to immediately carry out rescue and evacuation of the victim,” said Faizal.

“At 20.13 WIT, joint personnel moved from the Yahukimo Police Station to the Kali Kolof Brimob Pam Post to rescue 1 victim. Then at 22.27 WIT the team moved from the Kali Kolof Brimob Pam Post to the Bravo Company 3 Yon D Post to evacuate 8 other residents.” Added Faizal.

Head of the Cartenz Peace Public Relations Task Force AKBP Dr. Bayu Suseno S.H, S.I.K, M.H stated that the total number of survivors who had been evacuated was 20 people.

“So this afternoon we evacuated 11 survivors, tonight 9 people, so the total number of survivors is 20 people.” Bayu said

The identities of the 9 survivors who were successfully evacuated are as follows:

  1. Sidru aka Boy (Sangir Tribe)
  2. Nur Saleh (Bugis Tribe)
  3. Muhktar (Bugis tribe)
  4. Hasbi (Javanese tribe)
  5. Ismail (Makassar tribe)
  6. Ian (Toraja Tribe)
  7. Marten Luko (Toraja tribe)
  8. Tinus padauan (Toraja tribe)
  9. Saharuddin (Bugis tribe)

The surviving victims have been evacuated to the Yahukimo Police Station to receive treatment and to identify the KKB perpetrators.

“The survivors are all at the police station, we have provided a place to rest, food and treatment for the injured. Then we asked for information to identify the perpetrators (KKB),” said Bayu

Bayu also stated that in the future his party would continue to carry out patrols around the shooting and killing locations to help residents if there were still other survivors.

“In the future, we will routinely carry out joint patrols in the crime scene radius to ensure that there are no longer any survivors at the crime scene.” Close Bayu


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