Sabtu 30 September, 2023
Beranda Pelayanan Arriving in Sinak, the National Police Chief's Social Assistance Assistance Distributed to...

Arriving in Sinak, the National Police Chief’s Social Assistance Assistance Distributed to Communities Affected by Natural Disasters

Jayapura – Basic food assistance from the National Police Chief and Papua Police Chief for communities affected by natural disasters in the Agandugume district and Lambewi district arrived at Tapulinik Airport, Sinak district, Puncak Regency, Saturday (12/8/2023) at 13.00 WIT.

The amount of aid distributed included 7 cartons of sardines, 5 boxes of cold jackets, and around 65 packages of basic food bags. The distribution was also attended by personnel from the Sinak Police, Koramil, Raider 300, and the Maleo task force.

Head of Papua Police Public Relations, Kombes Pol. Ignatius Benny Ady Prabowo, S.H., S.I.K., M.Kom., said that the distribution of basic food assistance was a concrete effort to help people affected by natural disasters.

“The distribution of basic food assistance was carried out using Smart Cakrawala Aviation aircraft and was directly given to the people of the Agandugume, Lambewi districts, as well as the people who attended,” said the Head of Public Relations.

The distribution was carried out responsibly, in which 10 food packages were given to the people of the Agandugume district and 10 food packages to the people of the Lambewi district. The rest of the aid was then distributed to the people of the 13 villages who were present at Tapulinik Airport.

Even though the weather was rainy at that time, the enthusiasm in delivering aid to the community was maintained.

The community expresses their gratitude and sincere prayers to the Kapolri and Kapolda for the assistance that has been given.


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