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Beranda Apresiasi Members of the NTT Police Mobile Brigade, Victims of the KKB Shooting...

Members of the NTT Police Mobile Brigade, Victims of the KKB Shooting in Papua, Again Awarded Promotions

Jayapura- The National Police again awarded Bharaka Rani Yohanes Seran a promotion.

He previously suffered a gunshot wound to his left leg during a shootout with the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) in Intan Jaya, Papua. Rani Yohanes Seran now officially holds the new rank of Abripda.

This promotion took place in an extraordinary promotion event at the NTT Regional Police Headquarters, Thursday (29/2/2024) by the Deputy Chief of the NTT Regional Police, Brigadier General Pol Alwi Setiyono.

NTT Deputy Police Chief Brigadier General Alwi Setiyono said this promotion was a form of respect for the dedication and sacrifice of Abripda Rani Yohanes Seran in carrying out operational duties in Papua.

Cartenz Peace Operation is an important milestone in efforts to achieve peace, security and law enforcement against the KKB.

The Cartenz Peace Task Force team experienced gunfire from the KKB in Intan Jaya, Papua, on November 21 2023, after completing the crime scene investigation in Titigi District.

This incident caused Abripda Rani Yohanes Seran to suffer a gunshot wound to the left leg, and another member of the Cartenz Peace Task Force, Bharrada Bonifasius Boy Djawa, died while carrying out his duties.

‚ÄúThis promotion is not just an individual achievement, but is the result of extraordinary dedication, loyalty and devotion from each member. “The Cartenz Peace Task Force succeeded in showing a deceptive performance in carrying out its duties and responsibilities,” said the Deputy Chief of Police. for NTT, Brigadier General Alwi Setiyono.

This one-star police general hopes that with this promotion, Abripda Rani Yohanes Seran will be more confident in carrying out his duties with greater strength and quality.

He also reminded us to continue to develop ourselves, improve our abilities, and uphold ethics and integrity as members of the police.

The award of this extraordinary rank is a motivation for Anripda Rani Yohanes Seran to continue to be committed, work hard and be an example for other members of the police.

“Congratulations to Abripda Rani Yohanes Seran who today received an extraordinary promotion,” he concluded while emphasizing that he must maintain the honor of himself, his family and the police institution.


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