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Beranda Hukum&Kriminal After gunfire in Puncak Jaya, Central Papua, Police Chief: Situation is conducive,...

After gunfire in Puncak Jaya, Central Papua, Police Chief: Situation is conducive, officers remain alert

Mulia – Puncak Jaya Police Chief, AKBP Kuswara, said his jurisdiction was on alert after the gunfire that occurred on Friday (5/1/2023).

“Members remain vigilant and alert, they also carry out routine patrols,” said Puja Police Chief, when confirmed by Cenderawasih Pos, Saturday (6/1/2023).

However, the Police Chief said, the situation is conducive and can be controlled. In fact, community activities continue as usual.

“Community activities are continuing as usual, but we remain vigilant in anticipating situations that develop in the field,” he explained.

He also asked the public to continue their activities as usual, by increasing vigilance.

Meanwhile, for the bodies of victims of TNI members who were shot, the Police Chief said that the bodies had been flown this morning.


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