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Beranda Hukum&Kriminal The Cartenz Peace Operations Task Force succeeded in evacuating 11 surviving residents...

The Cartenz Peace Operations Task Force succeeded in evacuating 11 surviving residents and retrieving the bodies of 7 victims of the KKB atrocities led by Egianus Kogoya in Yahukimo

Yahukimo. After the shooting and killing of residents by KKB in Kali I Seradala District, Yahukimo Regency on Monday, 16/10/2023. The Cartenz Peace Task Force dispatched its personnel to evacuate the victims of the KKB shooting, both survivors and those who died (Tuesday, 17/10/2023).

This rescue and evacuation activity involved 42 joint personnel from the Cartenz Peace Task Force, Papua Mobile Brigade and Yahukimo Police. This activity was led directly by the Yahukimo Police Chief AKBP Heru Hidayanto S.H.

Kaops Peace Cartenz Police Commissioner Dr. Faizal Ramadhani S.Sos, S.I.K, MH, when confirmed by the media crew, revealed that the Cartenz Peace Ops Joint Task Force Team had received gunfire from the KKB.

“When we arrived at the crime scene, we were disturbed by gunfire and there was gunfire for 1 hour 30 minutes,” said Head of Ops Damai Cartenz.

Kaops said that the Cartenz Peace Task Force joint team succeeded in evacuating 11 residents who survived and 7 residents who died.

Separately, Head of the Cartenz Peace Public Relations Task Force, AKBP Dr. Bayu Suseno, SH, S.I,K, MH. stated that 11 people survived and were successfully evacuated.

“Seven survivors were successfully evacuated this afternoon and had minor injuries, so the total number of survivors is 11,” said Bayu.

The identities of the residents who were rescued are as follows:

  1. Amiman, Talaut, 33 years old, Dekai district social road
  2. Abdul Azis alias Nene Azis, 53 years old, Palopo, heavy equipment operator, jl Paradiso Dekai district
  3. Erwin, Sengkeng, 36 years old, Residential road, Dekai District
  4. Abd. Rahmansyah alias Rahsya, Maros, 31 years old, Jalan Paradiso Dekai District.
  5. Abdul Samad, Paro, 53 years old, Bugis Settlement Road.
  6. Renaldi, 28 years old, Bugis, Echelon 4 Dekai
  7. Hermudin, 42 years old, Palopo, Paradiso Dekai
  8. Bebwng, 41 years old, Toraja, Kali Bonto Dekai
  9. Markus Tumpia, Mallo, 35 years old, Social Street
  10. Ahmad Saleh Ohe, 21 years old, Sentani, Paradiso Ujung
  11. Holden, 48 Years, Talaud, Jalan Social.

Meanwhile, the names of the victims who died and were successfully evacuated were:

  1. Udin (South Sulawesi)
  2. Maun (South Sulawesi)
  3. Ardi (South Sulawesi)
  4. Hendra (South Sulawesi)
  5. Anju (Batak)
  6. Appe (South Sulawesi)
  7. Siger (South Sulawesi)

Apart from that, KKB Egianus Kogoya also set fire to 3 Excavator units, 2 Truck units and 1 Pandulangan Camp unit.

KaOps assured that his party would thoroughly investigate and arrest the perpetrators.

“We will pursue the perpetrators and we will enforce the law against KKB Egianus Kogoya.” Close Faizal


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