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The Cartenz Damai Operations Task Force re-combed the location of the KKB ambush in the Bintang Mountains, found one gun and dozens of ammunition

Oksibil- The Cartenz Damai Operations Task Force re-combed the location of the ambush at the KKB Headquarters in the Bintang Mountains of the Otobius Bidana Mimin Group. Saturday (7/10/2023).

This re-combing activity was carried out in order to anticipate KKB disturbances and increase the community’s sense of security.

This activity involved approximately 100 personnel from the joint TNI-Polri Cartenz 2023 Peace Task Force and the Bintang Mountains Police. The activity was led by the Head of Cartenz TNI Peace Task Force Chief Inf Muh Syaldi Sabir.

“From the results of re-combing the location, we found 1 bag containing an FN short rifle, a camouflage uniform and dozens of ammunition and other items. We found this bag in a rice sack.” Said the Head of the Bintang Mountains Police, AKBP Dafi Bastomi SH, S.I.K, M.I.K

Dafi detailed the items in the bag:
a. 1 FN Pistol Serial No. 70.15742
b. 1 Pistol Magazine
c. 41 rounds of 5.56 mm ammunition
d. 9 rounds of 9 mm ammunition
e. 3 rounds of 38 mm ammunition
f. 1 set of camouflage shirts that say TPNPB Kodap XV Ngalum Kupel
g. 1 red knitted beret with the Morning Star symbol
h. 1 piece bag
i. 1 L Key
j. 1 Bible

Head of Cartenz Peace Public Relations Task Force 2023 AKBP Dr. Bayu Suseno SH, SIK, MH stated that the FN weapon allegedly belonged to the helicopter pilot who lost contact in the Bintang Mountains in 2019.

“One FN rifle is suspected to be a weapon belonging to Captain (CPN) Aris, an Indonesian Army helicopter pilot who lost contact on June 28 2019. The MI-17V5 HA-5138 helicopter lost contact in Oksop District, Bintang Mountains Regency,” said Bayu

“So the total number of firearms that we were able to secure from the Otobius Bidana Mimin group was 4, consisting of 2 long rifles and 2 short rifles of the FN type as well as hundreds of ammunition.” Bayu added

Bayu also stated that the current situation in the Bintang Mountains district is relatively conducive and under control. The TNI Polri will continue to maintain security and enforce the law against the KKB which disrupts the security and social security situation in the Papua region.


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