Senin 4 Maret, 2024
Beranda Hukum&Kriminal Leader of the KKB for the Bintang Mountains Regency Region Killed during...

Leader of the KKB for the Bintang Mountains Regency Region Killed during an ambush by the Cartenz Peace Operations Task Force

The Cartenz Peace Operations Task Force carried out a Law Enforcement Operation against the KKB in the Bintang Mountains Region, led by Ananias Ati Mimin, on Saturday (29/9/2023) early last morning. In this operation the Task Force succeeded in paralyzing 5 KKB and succeeded in confiscating 3 firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

One of the KKB who died was the leader of the KKB for the Serambakon District Region, Kab. Bintang Mountains with the initials O.M

Head of Peace Ops Cartenz 2023 Police Commissioner Dr. Faizal Ramadhani S.Sos, S.I.K, M.H when confirmed by the media crew confirmed this.

“Yes, one of them is the field commander, his initials are O.M.”

O.M is the commander of the pamerasta battalion and currently his body is being evacuated.

Head of the Cartenz Peace Ops Public Relations Task Force Akbp Dr Bayu Suseno SH, SIK, M.H revealed the identities of the five KKBs who were successfully paralyzed by the Cartenz Peace Task Force.

“From the data we obtained, the KKB has released the identities of the five members who died during the raid in the Bintang Mountains area,” said Bayu

The identities of the five bodies are:
1.) O.M (Raiser Battalion Commander)
2.) N.M (deputy head of intelligence for Kodap)
3.) O.K
4.) A.L
5.) T.A

This identity is in accordance with the information released by TPNPB OPM on social media.


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