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Beranda Hukum&Kriminal Theo: As a Human Rights Activist I'm Concerned, the Law must be...

Theo: As a Human Rights Activist I’m Concerned, the Law must be Enforced For Michelle

Jayapura – Theo Hesegem, who is one of the Papuan human rights activists, urged the security forces to be open in providing information to the public regarding the death of Michelle Kurisi Doga in Nduga, Papua Mountains.

Theo asked the police to investigate thoroughly, and arrest the perpetrators of the murder of the indigenous Papuan woman activist.

“As a humanitarian activist in Papua, I am concerned about the death of Michelle due to this murder. We the people in Papua ask the police to reveal transparently behind this murder. This is a cruel act, killing a woman and viralizing the video, it is inhumane,” Theo said, Friday (1/9/2023).

“The perpetrators of this murder must be held accountable for their actions before the law for a sense of justice for the victim (Michelle),” continued Theo.

Theo said the culprit had confessed, claiming the separatist group who claimed responsibility for the murder of Michelle postulated that the heinous act was carried out on the basis of allegations that the activist was an intelligence member of the Indonesian security forces.

“He is a native Papuan who cares about the situation and social conditions of the people in Nduga. There is no connection with intelligence activities, this is a heinous accusation,” Theo emphasized.

Meanwhile, the security authorities of the Indonesian National Army (TNI), as well as the National Police, said Theo, denied that Michelle was part of an intelligence mission.

“All parties (OPM and TNI and Polri) provide confusing information. If she had an (intelligence) mission, she (Michelle) should have been monitored every whereabouts, so that no murder occurred. And who ordered her (to meet OPM). She (Michelle) is an ordinary person who cares about the refugee community in Nduga, why should she be killed,” Theo said.

TPNPB-OPM Spokesperson Sebby Sambom admitted that his party was responsible for Michelle’s death. Sebby explained that Michelle’s murder was carried out by TPNPB Kodap III Ndugama-Derakma Battalion Egisu on Tuesday (28/8/2023).

The murder of Michelle was carried out in Kimbim, in Jayawijaya, Papua Mountains by shooting. “TPNPB troops from Battalyn Egisu Kodap III Ndugama-Derakma managed to shoot Michelle Kurisi Ndoga dead,” Sebby said via text message, Friday (1/9/2023).

Sebby said the murder of Michelle was related to his intelligence activities so far. Sebby emphasized that, from the reports he received, Michelle was a member of the intelligence of the TNI-Polri forces. The Indonesian security authorities, said Sebby, used Michelle as a native Papuan woman, to collect data on the community in Kenyam, Nduga.

The collection of these data, said Sebby, was with the aim of finding the whereabouts of members of the Free Papua Army group. Sebby emphasized that TPNPB-OPM is indiscriminate about anyone caught helping, let alone spying for the TNI-Polri in Papua.

“You Papuans, who are spies, we will clean up. We will not sort out, whether it is a man, whether it is a woman, whoever has these names, we will kill,” Sebby said.

He said, before being shot dead, Michelle was interrogated by OPM troops while traveling to the Kwijangge area. “After being interrogated, the aim is to collect data on war refugees from the people in Nduga,” said Sebby.

Meanwhile, Head of Information of Kodam XVII / Cenderawasih Lieutenant Colonel (Lieutenant Colonel) Johanis Parinussa emphasized that Michelle is an ordinary person whose activities help refugee communities in Nduga. Johanis ensured that Michelle’s activist activities had nothing to do with TNI intelligence operations.

“The TNI has never made indigenous Papuans, as agents, intel, or spies. The victims are purely civilians,” said Johannis.

Head of Papua Police Public Relations, Commissioner Ignatius Benny Prabowo, also said the same thing.

The Papua Police, said Kombes Benny, promised to thoroughly investigate the murder case against Michelle.

“We, from the police, are very concerned and the loss experienced by the family. And we are committed to continuing to investigate this (murder) case to reveal who committed the crime against this victim,” said Kombes Benny on Friday (1/9/2023).


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