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Beranda Apresiasi Ka Ops Damai Cartenz-2023 Awarded with Corruption Eradication Award

Ka Ops Damai Cartenz-2023 Awarded with Corruption Eradication Award

Jayapura – Head of Cartenz-2023 Peace Operations, Police Commissioner Dr. Faizal Ramadhani S.Sos, S.I.K, MH., was awarded the award for eradicating Corruption Crimes in the Legal Area of Papua Province by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) at the Closing of the 2023 Road to World Anti-Corruption Day (Hakordia) at Istora Papua Bangkit Kampung Harapan Sentani District East Jayapura Regency, Wednesday (15/11/2023).

Receiving the award for eradicating Corruption Crimes in the jurisdiction of the Papua Regional Police to the Head of Peace Ops Cartenz-2023, Police Commissioner Dr. Faizal Ramadhani S.Sos, S.I.K, MH., was received directly by the representative of Kaposko Ops Damai Cartenz-2023, AKBP Egia F. Kusumawiatmaja.

This year’s Hakordia activity carries the theme “Synergy to Eradicate Corruption for Advanced Indonesia” and is a series of commemorations of World Anti-Corruption Day (Hakordia) which will be held on December 9 2023 in Jakarta.

The Deputy for Coordination and Supervision of the Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission in his speech said that in the future, it is necessary to strengthen cooperation or synergy between APIP and Law Enforcement Officials in coordinating the handling of corruption cases in the Papua Province region.

“The Corruption Eradication Commission, with its authority, will always provide facilitation and strengthen synergy between APH and APIP in handling corruption cases,” said Inspector General Didik.

Inspector General Didik said, Synergy and collaboration involving all agencies and community participation is a strong node needed in efforts to eradicate corruption.

“The responsibility for eradicating corruption does not only rest on one agency/institution, but is the responsibility of all elements of the nation’s children,” he said.

Furthermore, he said that the challenges of changing times will become increasingly complex. Patterns of crime, including corruption, will become increasingly sophisticated, adapting to developments in the times themselves, and consistency and adaptive behavior are needed to respond to these changes.

“In this way, government administration will run more effectively and bring prosperity to the community,” he concluded.

Specifically for the police who were given awards by the Corruption Eradication Commission leadership for eradicating criminal acts of corruption in Wilkum, Papua Province, they included the Papua Regional Police Chief, Inspector General of Police Mathius D. Fakhiri, S.I.K, Kaops Damai Cartenz-2023, Police Commissioner. Dr. Faizal Ramadhani, S. Sos. S.I.K., M.H., Deputy Chief of West Papua Regional Police (Former Irwasda Papua Regional Police), Brigadier General Alfred Papare, S.I.K. and Dansat Brimob Polda Papua, Police Commissioner Budi Satrijo, S.I.K., M.Hum.


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