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Oksibil, April 12 2024- The service celebrating the birthday of the Bintang Mountains Regency took place in a solemn and orderly manner.

The community is very enthusiastic about this year’s celebration in Oksibil City, Bintang Mountains Regency. Residents flocked to come to places of worship in their respective areas.

Oksibil City is no less enthusiastic.
Residents flocked to churches such as the Saint Theresia Bintang Timur Catholic Church.
The residents were very enthusiastic and equally grateful for the gifts God has given to us believers.

On the other hand, the TNI-Polri security forces provided good service by guarding the Thanksgiving activities. Like the Bintang Mountains Police, led by the Deputy Chief of Police, Commissioner of Police, Commissioner Micha Toding Potty, S.H., S.I.K., M.H. together with the TNI-Polri combination and from the Cartenz 2024 Peace Operation, maintaining order and security in the Oksibil area.

The Deputy Chief of Police also gave an appeal to let us thank God together by maintaining security together in the process of celebrating the celebration until it is finished.

“On behalf of the Head of the Bintang Mountains Police, I appeal to all elements of the Bintang Mountains community to let us work together to maintain security and order in our area, during the Sykuran worship procession until it is finished.”

In this activity, Mrs. District Regional Secretary. Governor
Mrs. Jeni Linthin, S.H., M.Sc., was also present on behalf of the Regent, who on another occasion attended a Thanksgiving service in another place. The Regional Secretary together with the local residents expressed gratitude for the blessings that God had given them and then appealed for security and order so that the traditional procession could take place safely and in an orderly manner.

The TNI-Polri Security Service and the 2024 Cartenz Peace Operation continue to work together so that the Security and Community Service of the Bintang Mountains Regency Region remains safe and conducive.


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