Minggu 26 Mei, 2024
Beranda Keamanan dan Ketertiban Police Tighten Security for the Implementation of PSL at 2 Polling Stations...

Police Tighten Security for the Implementation of PSL at 2 Polling Stations in Heram District, Jayapura City

Jayapura – Starting at 05:30 AM WIT, personnel from Jayapura Kota Regional Police who are tasked with guarding the PSL (Continuation Voting) ballot boxes for the 2024 Election at 2 Polling Stations (TPS) in the Heram District, specifically in Waena Village, have started their activities and ensured the safe arrival of the ballot boxes at their respective TPS, on Saturday (16/3).

The PSL being conducted is part of the Continuation Voting process due to technical errors that occurred on February 14th and were not resolved, thus requiring the continuation until completion.

TPS 37 and TPS 39, which are conducting PSL, are guaranteed security and smooth running by the police personnel assigned to each TPS, with the officer in charge being the Criminal Investigation Unit Chief of Heram Police, Ipda Edwin Ayomi.

During its implementation, it is also seen that the police personnel, both those providing security and those supervising, including the Sie Propam, are actively monitoring the activity locations.

Deputy Chief of Jayapura Kota Regional Police AKBP Deni Herdiana, S.E., S.H., M.M., M.H., who is overseeing the smooth implementation of PSL at the two TPS locations, was present to encourage the personnel on duty and assure the residents that the police are present to serve and provide a sense of safety and comfort to the citizens.

When confirmed, Deputy Chief AKBP Deni stated that the police are present at the PSL locations of TPS 37 and TPS 39 to ensure security, smoothness, and orderliness of the proceedings at each TPS.

“The Democracy Party is our collective moment, choices may differ, but whoever is elected later will be a competition; there will be winners and there will be those who fail,” he expressed.

As a good citizen, Deputy Chief reminded all residents of Jayapura City to accept the results later, which are certainly for the benefit of all Jayapura City residents.

“If your choices do not succeed later, do not be discouraged; there are still representatives of the people sitting there for the common interest, for the interest of all Jayapura City residents,” he said.

AKBP Deni also added, “Alhamdulillah Praise be to God, the implementation of PSL at TPS 37 and 39 went smoothly, orderly, and without any security disturbances. We, the police, express our gratitude for the maintained security and orderliness post the 2024 Election Voting in Jayapura City,” he concluded.


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