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Beranda Pelayanan Srikandi Polri Enter Seram Region Sprinkle Smiles

Srikandi Polri Enter Seram Region Sprinkle Smiles

Jayapura- Seram region is one of the areas of the Pegunungan Bintang Regency, Papua Mountain Province which is located not far from the Regency capital, Oksbil.

Most people in the Pegunungan Bintang Regency call this region Seram because the extension of the name Seram is Serambakon.

Serambakon is one of the districts or sub-districts in Gunung Bintang Regency and there are 8 villages namely, Kampung, Modusit, Okatem, Parim, Seramkatop, Siminbuk, Wanbakon, Yakmor, and Yapimakot with the sub-district capital, Wanbakon.

From this place, in 2023, various acts of terror and criminality were carried out by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) which resulted in residents moving to safer places, schools were closed and some were burned, houses, kiosks and other government facilities were also victims of KKB atrocities to the shooting of airlines. In October 2023, the Cartenz-2023 Peace Ops Task Force succeeded in killing 5 KKB members who had previously committed various criminal acts.

Departing from the spooky name, did not corner the spirit of the police srikandi in sharing love with the children of YPPK Santo Agustinus Elementary School, located in Yapimakot village, Serambakon District.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024, was the day when the Police Srikandi, Brigpol Ita Sombo Allo (Polwan Ops Damai Cartenz-2024), Briptu Helma Jesika Koibur and Briptu Devi Eka, S.H, (Polwan Polres Pegunungan Bintang), brought smiles and storybooks and gifts for the children. They also sang together and presented entertaining games.

The presence of the Policewomen (Polwan) not only gave happiness to the students, but also became a memorable moment for them to get closer to the security forces.

The Policewomen are very proud to have passed through the terrain that is considered a KKB crossing route to get to Serambakon District and share love with the children of SD YPPK Santo Agustinus. They said this was a precious moment and part of the history of their journey as policewomen.

Mr. Albertus Ningdana, S.Ag., Principal of YPPK Santo Agustinus Elementary School, who is also a native of Serambakon District, expressed his pride for the presence of Srikandi Polri. He said, 20 years he has served to advance education in Pegunungan Bintang Regency and with the presence of Srikandi Polri, it is very helpful to entertain school children so that they can escape their trauma.

“With the presence of security forces in our village, we feel very helped and school activities have become more normal as usual,” said the Principal.

Albertus Ningdana hopes that there will be no more disturbances from the KKB because according to him the Serambakon District community wants to build education so that in the future their children can become leaders in their own area.

“We want to learn, this is our land and there is no need for security disturbances anymore, because we want to move forward to fill the development so that our children in the future can become useful human beings,” Albertus Ningdana said.


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