Selasa 16 April, 2024
Beranda Peristiwa BKO Sat Brimob Polda Papua Conducts Combat Patrols in Serambakon District

BKO Sat Brimob Polda Papua Conducts Combat Patrols in Serambakon District

Oksibil- Papua Police Mobile Brigade personnel assigned as BKO (Operational Police Assistance) of the Papua Police Mobile Brigade Unit carry out combat patrols in Serambakon District, Friday 23 February 2024

This patrol was carried out to increase security and anticipate potential security disturbances in the area. Brimob personnel carried out intensive searches in strategic areas and set up security posts to ensure the situation remained under control.

This step is part of the police’s efforts to provide protection and a sense of security to the community and maintain security stability in Papua.

Head of the 2024 ODC Public Relations Task Force AKBP Dr. Bayu Suseno, SH., SIK., MM., MH., said that personnel on duty should remain alert to maintain safety in keeping the Kamtibmas situation safe and conducive.

“Maintain safety and remain vigilant in maintaining the integrity of our beloved Republic of Indonesia and greet the people who live around Serambakon to establish good emotional relations between the National Police and the community,” he said.


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