Jumat 1 Maret, 2024
Beranda Pemilu Chief of Police of Bintang Mountains leads the final check of the...

Chief of Police of Bintang Mountains leads the final check of the readiness of TPS security personnel

Oksibil – Ensuring readiness in the implementation of the task of securing the simultaneous elections in 2024 in the Pegunungan Bintang Regency, Kapolres Pegunungan Bintang AKBP Mohamad Dafi Bastomi, S.H., S.I.K., M.I.K., led the implementation of the final check of the readiness of TPS Security personnel at the Apel Field of Pegunungan Bintang Police.
(Monday, 12/2/2024)

The activity was attended by Kabagwatpers Biro SDM Polda Papua as Pamatwil Pegunungan Bintang AKBP Adi Tri Widianto, S.I.K., S.H., along with the Pamatwil Pegunungan Bintang team, Danyon Satgas Pamtas Static RI-PNG Yonif310 / KK LETKOL Inf. Andrik Fahrizal, PJU Polres, Padal TPS Security, TNI Personnel, Brimob Task Force Personnel Cartenz-2024 Peace Operations, Brimob BKO PAM TPS Personnel and Pegunungan Bintang Police Personnel involved in Operation Mantab Brata Cartenz.

The Troop Title Apple activity began with the Apple Commander entering the Apple field and the troops being prepared followed by Troop Respect to the Apple Leader, Apple Commander Report.

At the time of the mandate, Kapolres Pegunungan Bintang AKBP Mohamad Dafi Bastomi, S.H., S.I.K., M.I.K., as the Apple Leader gave directions to the troops to really pay attention to important things when implementing TPS security, maintain ethics and not trigger problems.

The Chief of Police of Pegunungan Bintang also reminded the troops to comply with the rules that have been given to be sure what is prohibited when the voting takes place.

“The 2024 Election Logistics of Pegunungan Bintang Regency is currently ready at the KPU Office so that it will shift and colleagues must be ready to carry out their duties,” said AKBP Mohamad Dafi Bastomi.

“Colleagues involved in Operation Mantap Brata Cartenz should be fully prepared to carry out security at each polling station later” said AKBP Mohamad Dafi Bastomi.


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