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Beranda Pelayanan Strengthening Bonds: Ops Damai Cartenz-2024 Visits Residents in Oksibil City, Mountainous Papua

Strengthening Bonds: Ops Damai Cartenz-2024 Visits Residents in Oksibil City, Mountainous Papua

Jayapura – Personnel from the Task Force for the Peace Operation Cartenz-2024, led by Iptu Muhammad Kasim Lating, S.Tr.K, conducted a patrol around Oksibil City, Pegunungan Bintang Regency, Papua Mountains Province, on Sunday (14/01/2024).

In addition to the patrol, the personnel also visited local residents to strengthen the relationship between the police and the community.

During the visit, Ops Damai Cartenz’s personnel, Aipda Muh. Solih Daulay, also delivered public safety messages to the residents while distributing aid to the Head of the Village (Kades) of Kampung Tomka.

“This effort aims to strengthen cooperation between the police and the community in maintaining security and order in the area,” he said.

Interestingly, during the meeting with the Kades, Aipda Muh. Solih Daulay expressed his pride in the abilities of the Papua community, especially the children, who remain enthusiastic about pursuing education despite facing a considerable distance.

“We hope that the children of Papua can become a source of happiness and contribute to the development of their region, including becoming employees, police, or soldiers in the future,” he hoped.

Meanwhile, in his message to those still opposed to the NKRI, Aipda Muh. Solih Daulay emphasized the importance of unity. “We hope that all parties can unite again because no happiness can be derived from conflict,” he said.

Before leaving the location, Aipda Muh. Solih Daulay sought blessings from all residents so that every implementation of the police’s duties in maintaining the security of the community in the area receives protection from God.

Positive responses came from the local community, who enthusiastically welcomed the presence of Brimob personnel from the Southeast Sulawesi Regional Police participating in Operation Damai Cartenz-2024. They also expressed gratitude for the assistance provided and hoped that


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