Senin 26 Februari, 2024
Beranda Imbauan Papua Police Chief urges people not to be influenced by false issues

Papua Police Chief urges people not to be influenced by false issues

Jayapura City- Located at the Holtemkamp Police Post in front of the media crew, accompanied by the Chief of Police of Jayapura Kota Kombes Pol Dr. Victor D. Mackbon, S.H., S.IK., M.H., M.Si and PJU Papua Police, Papua Police Chief Inspector General Mathius D. Fhakiri, S.I.K said that today the mass of mourners for the funeral of the late Mr. Lukas Enembe had been successfully repatriated, Saturday (30/12).

This repatriation process has been going on since yesterday, Friday (29/12) which was delayed because one of the mass delivery trucks was damaged so that the delivery process was delayed and continued today and has been completed.

The Papua Police Chief explained that the mass delivery process was safe and conducive and the masses had arrived at their respective homes.

“Indeed, there have been several incidents in the funeral process of the deceased until the mass repatriation process, but everything has returned to conducive to this day,” said Inspector General of Police Mathius Fakhiri.

The Kapolda also appealed to all residents, especially in Jayapura City and surrounding areas, not to be influenced by misleading issues that are developing which aim to provoke.

“We from the Police and TNI as Security Forces will do our best to keep Jayapura City and its surroundings safe,” he concluded.

Inspector General of Police Mathius Fhakiri also added that situations like this are being exploited by irresponsible people to disrupt the smooth running of Kambtibmas.

“This is an atmosphere of grief not racism like the previous incident, we as citizens must respect and appreciate each other so that this safe and conducive situation continues until the celebration of New Year 2024,” he added.

To residents who experienced unpleasant events during the funeral procession of the late Mr. Lukas Enembe, the Apparatus will try to follow up and it also appealed to residents not to take action themselves which could have an impact on Kamtibmas disturbances.

“We have collected data related to the disturbance that has injured several residents, especially the PJ. Governor of Papua Province, Police and TNI members and resulted in other material losses, we will enforce the law, investigate who are the parties responsible for this incident,” concluded the Papua Police Chief.(*)


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