Jumat 8 Desember, 2023
Beranda Hukum&Kriminal Papua Regional Police Chief Responds to Threats Made by KKB Egianus

Papua Regional Police Chief Responds to Threats Made by KKB Egianus

Jayapura – Papua Police Chief Inspector General Mathius D Fakhiri opened his voice regarding the threat of shooting KKB Egianus Kogoya against the Acting Regent of Nduga Edison Gwijangge.

According to Mathius, threats like this are commonplace for leaders.

“Just let him be threatened, it’s okay, being a leader when threatened is normal,” he explained.

The Regional Police Chief asked the Acting Regent of Nduga, Edison Gwijangge, not to worry about the threat of shooting made by the KKB.

“Just focus on working to serve the community. We will guarantee the safety of Mr Acting,” said the Regional Police Chief.

Previously, the KKB led by Egianus Kogoya issued an ultimatum to shoot down planes if they served flight routes in the Nduga area.

Egianus even said that he would shoot the Acting Regent of Nduga, Edison Gwijangge, when he made a working visit to the area.

The armed criminal group (KKB) Egianus Kogoya is noted to be very ruthless in carrying out its crimes.


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