Jumat 14 Juni, 2024
Beranda Imbauan Wondau Tribe Community Figures Condemn Perpetrators of the Murder of Human Rights...

Wondau Tribe Community Figures Condemn Perpetrators of the Murder of Human Rights Activist Michelle Kurisi Doga

Timika – A Papuan female human rights activist, Michelle Kurisi Ndoga, was reportedly shot dead by an armed criminal group (KKB) in Jayawijaya, Papua Mountains.

As a Wondau Tribe community leader, Mr. Eben Bisai responded to the murder of human rights activist Michelle Kurisi Doga some time ago.

“We deeply regret this incident and strongly condemn this incident,” he said.

He also hopes that the police can take firm action against the perpetrators of the murder.

“We hope that the security forces can take firm action and arrest the perpetrators and process them according to the laws in force in the Republic of Indonesia,” he hoped.

Apart from that, Eben Bisai also appealed to the public not to be influenced by untrue issues.

“We also appeal to the people in Papua not to be provoked by developing issues, but let us maintain social security and order in Papua, especially in the Yapen Islands District,” he concluded.


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