Kamis 20 Juni, 2024
Beranda Hukum&Kriminal "Sad!!! KKB attacked Satpol PP Oksibil and was seriously injured"

“Sad!!! KKB attacked Satpol PP Oksibil and was seriously injured”

Timika- The Armed Criminal Group (KKB) is again acting up again in Oksibil, Bintang Mountains Regency, precisely in the Yapimakot Road area, by carrying out acts of ambush, shooting and stabbing 1 member of the community who is an ASN (Satpol PP) in the Mountains Regency in the name of Simon Petrus Sroyer (35 ) so he suffered a gunshot wound to the ear and a wound to the stomach as a result of being hit by a sharp weapon (sharpoon) belonging to KKB., Tuesday/19/09/2023.

Head of Public Relations Task Force for Peace Ops Cartenz 2023, AKBP. Dr. BAYU SUSENO, SH, SIK, MM, MH., confirmed the incident when confirmed.

Head of the Cartenz 2023 Peace Ops Public Relations Task Force said, from the victim’s statement, the incident began when the victim was on his way to the office on a motorbike. Then the victim was confronted by 5 KKB people, each of whom was holding a long-barreled firearm.

“After the victim was confronted, the victim was immediately shot at by KKB, hitting the victim’s right ear. Then, the victim also suffered a torn wound on the right side of his stomach as a result of being hit by a bayonet carried out by KKB.” explained the head of the Public Relations Task Force for Peace Ops Cartenz.

He continued, After the victim was shot at by the KKB group, the victim immediately fled using his motorbike to the guard post in the Bethel Indonesia Church (GBI) area to report the incident to members of the TNI-POLRI who were providing security.

“When the victim was shot at, the victim was still wearing a helmet, so there was a gunshot hole in the helmet the victim was wearing.” Concluded Head of Peace Ops Public Relations Task Force Cartenz.

He added that the victim had been rushed to Oksibil Regional Hospital to receive further medical treatment.


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