Kamis 20 Juni, 2024
Beranda Hukum&Kriminal Papuan Women Activists Condemn the Murder of Humanitarian Fighter, Mrs. Michelle Kurisi...

Papuan Women Activists Condemn the Murder of Humanitarian Fighter, Mrs. Michelle Kurisi Ndoga

Jayapura- Humanitarian activist for women and children in Yapen Papua, Mrs. Aprilia Uruwaya condemned the murder of one of the female figures who is a Papuan activist, Mrs. Michelle Kurisi Ndoga, committed by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) in the Papua Mountains, Monday 12/9/2023.

This was said when interviewed in Serui about the murder of Mrs. Michelle Kurisi Ndoga.

According to Mrs. Aprilia Uruwaya, every human rights fighter will feel moved to fight on his own land as did the late Mrs. Michelle Kurisi Ndoga, but on the contrary, Mrs. Michelle Kurisi Ndoga was accused of being a spy from intelligence and was eventually killed. This is something that is very detrimental to us in terms of gross human rights violations.

“I hope that the security forces can arrest the perpetrators of the murder of the late Mrs. Michelle Kurisi Ndoga so that they can be processed in accordance with the applicable law in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia,” he hoped.


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