Minggu 24 September, 2023
Beranda Keamanan dan Ketertiban KKB Terror in Yahukimo, Hundreds of Civilians Flee

KKB Terror in Yahukimo, Hundreds of Civilians Flee

Jayapura – Hundreds of residents from 40 families were temporarily displaced due to a series of acts of violence carried out by the armed criminal group (KKB) which occurred in Yahukimo Regency, Papua Mountains.

Papua Police Chief, Inspector General Mathius D Fakhiri, said that the displaced civilians had been handled by the Yahukimo Police.

“They only secured themselves at people’s homes and this has been handled by the Yahukimo Police,” said Inspector General Fakhiri, Friday (8/9/2023).

Police Chief Fakhiri admitted that he had ordered personnel to resolve the problem. According to Inspector General Fakhiri, the civilians who were displaced were those who lived on the outskirts of Dekai District, the capital of Yahukimo Regency.

“They must be afraid of the KKB’s violent actions, so they chose to protect themselves temporarily,” said Fakhiri.

The refugees occupy four shelter points, namely the SMKN 1 Dekai complex, Pasema Sosiaal KM 2 Complex, KM 4 Social Housing and the Silimo Kali Merah Complex.

“This is of course a concern for all of us. That’s why I have repeatedly conveyed to the police chief and to the regional government that for hard-to-reach areas that we cannot supervise, it would be better to bring people into the city so that they can be easily controlled by the government and security forces,” concluded Inspector General Fakhiri.

In the last few months, Yahukimo Regency has often been the target of KKB violence. Previously, a multi-purpose building which housed the BPMK office, PTSP office and Yahukimo Regency Dispenda office was destroyed by fire on Thursday (24/8/2023).


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