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Beranda Pelayanan Visit Dekai, Ka Ops Damai Cartenz Visits Momuna Tribal Chief

Visit Dekai, Ka Ops Damai Cartenz Visits Momuna Tribal Chief

Yahukimo, Head of Operation Peace Cartenz 2023, Kombes Pol Faizal Ramadhani while visiting Yahukimo Regency took the time to stay in touch with the Chief of the Momuna Tribe, Mr. Bartol Kubu on Jln. Social Matoa, Dekai village, Monday (28/8/2023) Afternoon.

This visit was warmly welcomed by Mr. Bartol Kubu as the Coordinator of 5 customary areas in Yahukimo Regency and the surrounding community.
Kombes Faizal on his occasion said that the presence of Ops Damai Cartenz in Yahukimo Regency was to provide a sense of security and comfort to the community.

“The presence of the Cartenz Peace Task Force in Yahukimo aims to cooperate with community leaders in an effort to maintain the peace and security situation in Yahukimo Regency. Public safety and comfort are the main priorities of this Cartenz 2023 Peace operation,” said Kombes Faizal.

Meanwhile, Yahukimo Police Chief AKBP Arif Kristanto said that the presence of the Police in Yahukimo is purely aimed at providing a sense of security and comfort in the community.

“People do not need to be afraid of our presence, the existence of these security posts is to make the situation around safe. Do not be provoked by irresponsible groups that often spread fake news,” he added.

In addition, the Police Chief hopes that community leaders will collaborate with the Police in an effort to restore the Yahukimo situation.

“This security is a shared responsibility, the Police will not be able to work optimally without the support of the community. The Police hope that Mr. Bartol Kubu as the Coordinator of the Yahukimo customary area can provide assistance and cooperation in realizing a safe and peaceful Yahukimo,” he said.

At the end of the activity Ka Ops Peace Cartenz assistance in the form of basic necessities to Mr. Bartol Kubu to be distributed to people in need.

In addition to visiting Dekai District, Ka Ops Damai Cartenz also visited the residence of one of the Seredala District community leaders with similar activities.


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