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Beranda Pelayanan Appreciate the Performance of Cartenz Peace Ops Personnel, Kombes Pol Faizal: "Not...

Appreciate the Performance of Cartenz Peace Ops Personnel, Kombes Pol Faizal: “Not just proud, this is an extraordinary thing”

Dekai, Head of the Cartenz 2023 peace operation, Kombespol. Dr. Faizal Ramadhani, S.SOS, S.I.K, M.H., gave appreciation and motivation to the personnel involved in the Cartenz Peace operation in the Yahukimo Police jurisdiction, Tuesday (30/08/2023) morning.

On this occasion, Kombes Faizal gave appreciation for the success of the cartenz peace operation in Yahukimo in an effort to enforce the law against armed criminal groups which has been going on for approximately 8 months.

“Colleagues come from various regions from the Papua Police Brimob, South Sulawesi Police Brimob and of course from Yahukimo Police and colleagues are able to work well together. I thank you, not only proud but this is an extraordinary thing. There are even some personnel here that I know because of their excellent performance track record, dedication and extraordinary integrity in every task, “said Kombes Pol Faizal Ramadhani.

However, it cannot be denied that with the extraordinary performance of colleagues, there have still been incidents in recent times. There are still arson attacks – burning offices, school buildings and attacks on civilians.
“There are still recent incidents, it means that in Yahukimo we must always be vigilant and sensitive to the existing situation. Can’t mess around and not be serious,” he said.

Kombes Faizal also gave his direction so that personnel could make improvements to prevent things from happening.

“There are several things that we need to improve to prevent, in terms of arresting and anticipating possible security disturbances. In addition, we also need to invite com


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