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This is a Note from the Chairman of the Melanesian Youth Forum, Steve R. Mara, in Response to the MSG Decision on ULMWP

This article is my note on the writings of several people in Papua who responded to the MSG results including Mr. Socratez Yoman’s previous note on “Indonesia is Fighting Not to Obstruct / Thwart ULMWP to Become a Full Member of MSG”.

Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) Summit
The MSG Summit in Port Villa, Vanuatu on August 23-24, 2023 has just ended. The MSG Leaders have come up with a final agreement which is outlined in the “Communique”.

The most obvious fact is that ULMWP’s application to become a full member of the MSG has been rejected by the MSG Summit because it does not meet the criteria as an MSG member. In item 13, paragraph 1 of the Communique it is stated that ” …ULMWP does not meet the existing criteria for Membership under the Agreement Establishing the MSG that would warrant the grant of membership status”.

I don’t know how ULMWP supporters can sleep well, when reading this reality. However, it must be recognized that it is not easy to spread the word of truth. Some of the fundamentals of the MSG Comminuque have been deliberately hidden from Papuans.
For me, the most important part of the MSG Summit was the MSG Summit’s unequivocal recognition of Indonesia’s sovereignty over West Papua (Item 9, paragraph ii of the Communique).

My question is whether this result can then make Mr. Socratez Yoman, who made a note about boiling a stone, able to boil a stone and break it. After reading the facts above. Given that you previously said “Indonesia continues to boil the stone but the stone will never break”.

Why was the ULMWP rejected?

For the record, during the discussion of the ULMWP application at the MSG Summit Session on August 23, 2023, Indonesia as an Associate Member of the MSG did not participate in the discussion. This is in accordance with MSG rules/conditions/procedures. The discussion took place closed among Full Members without the presence of Associate Members and Observers.

As far as I understand, any application for new MSG membership must meet the criteria set by the MSG New Membership Guidelines that were established in 2018.
There are two reasons why ULMWP will never fulfill the criteria for MSG membership, namely:

First, ULMWP will never be able to commit to the MSG Vision, Principles, Values, and Goals, as stipulated in the MSG Establishment Agreement. Especially regarding the principle of respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Second, ULMWP is also not a subject of international law that can accede (bind itself) to international agreements, such as the MSG Establishment Agreement. Under international law, only States or International Organizations are allowed to accede to international agreements.

It is important to get the word out! Remember, if you don’t want to fall tomorrow then tell the truth today. Information is like the parable of the spirits in the Gospel of 1 John 4:1 “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God; for many false prophets have arisen and gone out into the world”.

The reality that we must understand going forward?

The MSG Summit Communique actually also contains encouragement for strengthening cooperation with Indonesia, among others, the MSG Secretariat is asked to explore social issues, economic development and empowerment of Papuans within the framework of the Papua Special Autonomy Law (Point 13 of the Communique). I think this can be a good opportunity for all parties to explain the progress of Papua, after the enactment of the Papua Special Autonomy Law.

In the same point, the MSG Secretariat was also asked to prepare the concept of “Constructive Engagement Platform”, which is essentially a meeting of the MSG Parliament and Indonesia in the framework of strengthening cooperation and can also be a mechanism to discuss issues of common interest including the progress of development in Papua. What is important to underline here is the MSG’s view to expand cooperation, not only at the government level, but also between Parliaments.

In this section, there is a description of human rights and the proposed visit of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to Papua. This is actually nothing new. The fulfillment of human rights for the people is an important reality in all progressive countries. No country can claim to be perfect in fulfilling its human rights.

Considering that Indonesia has been repeatedly trusted by the international community to become a Member of the UN Human Rights Council, of course Indonesia has experience in responding to various proposals related to efforts to improve human rights.

However, once again, it is important to keep in mind the contents of the MSG Summit Communique item 13, article vii, “Reinforced that the membership of the MSG must be limited only to Sovereign and Independent States with the special arrangement for FLNKS”. This is an affirmation that MSG membership is limited only to Independent and Sovereign States.

So I invite us to be honest in conveying the data and facts. Lying is not a good thing. But sometimes, lies are rumored and disseminated with joy. Without caring about others who are trapped in confusion. Truly, I would like to call on all parties to use reason to fight lies by anyone.

Abraham Lincoln’s words need to be contemplated that no human being is capable of being a successful deceiver because of his limited memory capacity “No man has a good memory enough to be a successful liar”.

For this reason, it is time for us to leave the political affairs of independence and step up to prepare a better future for Papua in the Republic of Indonesia. We must be smart, must be intelligent in various fields, do not be complacent with the momentary dreams that are shared with us.

That dream, makes us forget that in Papua there are many doors that are opened, and each of these doors requires the human resources of young Papuans who are qualified and able to compete. If we are preoccupied with political dreams of independence, then our competence will be lacking and other people will casually come from other regions to take our seats in Papua.

Steve R. Mara,
Chairman of the Melanesian Youth Diplomacy Forum.


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