Sabtu 18 Mei, 2024
Beranda Hukum&Kriminal After the Shooting and Arson in Kab. Peak, TNI-Polri Standby 1

After the Shooting and Arson in Kab. Peak, TNI-Polri Standby 1

Timika – Police officers stand guard after a series of actions by the armed criminal group (KKB) in Puncak Regency, Central Papua.

This was conveyed by the Head of Public Relations of the Papua Regional Police, Kombes Ignatius Benny Ady Prabowo, in Jayapura.

Kombes Benny said the implementation of Alert 1 was to provide a sense of security and comfort to the community.

“Alert 1 aims to anticipate follow-up actions, but it is important to provide a sense of security to the community,” he explained.

He also said that the current situation in Puncak was relatively comfortable.

“Security forces have increased security in the city, including routine 1×24 hour patrols,” he said.

Previously, KKB had carried out a series of actions from 16 to 24 August 2024. Last Wednesday (23/8), a civilian named Lukman Ahmad was reportedly shot by KKB while selling at his kiosk.


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