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By: Ali Kabiay

Secretary General of the DPP Barisan Merah Putih RI
Chairman of Saireri II Indigenous Youth of Nabire
Chairman of DPD Youth Mandala Trikora Papua

The Melanesian Spearhead Group or MSG is an organization to strengthen culture among fellow countries in the Pacific, and work together for economic improvement.

MSG itself was officially formed in 1988 in Port Vila Vanuatu this was also followed by the signing of the Agreed Principles of Co-operation among Independent States of Melanesia, and on March 23, 2007 MSG officially became a sub-regional organization.

The objectives of the formation of the MSG are as follows:

  1. Melanesian cultural exchange, including traditions and values of sovereignty equality.
  2. Strengthening trade relations between MSG members.
  3. Technical cooperation to achieve economic growth.
  4. Sustainable development
  5. Good governance.
  6. Security.

If we reflect or see the purpose of the formation of the MSG, it is very different or contradictory to the separatist struggles or the political issue of Free Papua voiced by the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) or other separatist organizations fighting for the issue of Free Papua which is very impossible, even among some of the MSG goals are not included elements or political sectors, instead the MSG goals only talk about the melanesian cultural sector, trade, economy, sovereignty of each MSG member country, good governance and security of the Pacific region.

The purpose of ULMWP’s struggle to become a full member of MSG is also of course very absurd, what’s more ULMWP so far has no positive contribution to the Papuan people, there is no real evidence that states that there is a positive contribution of ULMWP to the Papuan people, please check for yourself in the online media about ULMWP’s contribution to the Papuan people and the people in the Pacific region, we will not find any news that shows the positive contribution of ULMWP to the people in the land of Papua and the people in the Pacific region, if there is no contribution then ULMWP has no right to organize MSG and provoke people in the land of Papua and people in the Pacific region. ULMWP itself is not a legal entity, even Benny Wenda’s own struggle is only a struggle – an international lobby struggle that brings separatist issues of Free Papua which are no longer relevant in this day and age, in global geopolitics, countries in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific are now focusing on improving their economies for the better after going through the Covid-19 pandemic, not to mention the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, of course this greatly affects the global economy, of course the international community will focus more on economic issues rather than referendum issues such as the Free Papua issue fought by ULMWP and OPM.

Indonesia itself became a member of the MSG or was accepted as an Associate Member (AM) in June 2015 at the 20th MSG Leaders Summit in Honiara, Solomon Islands, Indonesia’s entry into the MSG permanent member is also inseparable from some of Indonesia’s positive trends in the Pacific region, for example Indonesia’s relatively stable economy on a global scale and Asia Pacific scale, previously in March 2011 at the 18th MSG Leaders Summit Indonesia was only an observer.

If we compare the positive contributions of Indonesia and ULMWP in the Pacific region then of course it is very different, ULMWP does not even have a contribution to the Pacific region or the people in Papua, Indonesia itself in 2020 has committed and contributed to building sports facilities for the 2023 Pacific Games in the Solomon Islands, even PT Wika as a BUMN was appointed to work on the sports facilities project and realize the dreams of the Pacific community, especially the Solomon Islands community in the field of sports, the Indonesian government also helps scholarships for young people in PNG to continue their studies at several universities in Indonesia and cooperate with Fiji in the field of sustainable education and will make other positive contributions in various sectors in the Pacific region, this is also in line with the vision of Pacific Elevation which is to continue to increase Indonesia’s presence in the Pacific region, with the vision of Pacific Elevation, of course Indonesia will continue to make very positive contributions that are sustainable for the development and development of central sectors in the Pacific region for the welfare of the people in the Pacific region.

Indonesia’s contribution is very real in the Pacific region, of course inversely proportional to the contribution of ULMWP which does not exist at all for the people in Papua and the people in the Pacific region, ULMWP is also not an independent country that must be accommodated in the MSG. Establishing a country for ULMWP leaders like Benny Wenda is very easy but only as sleeping flowers and framing in social media. ULMWP has very little positive contribution to the people in Papua and to the global community, especially in the Pacific region. MSG member countries are certainly very understanding and intelligent in assessing the global and regional political situation, they certainly will not easily provide access to ULMWP to speak more freely in the MSG forum because real evidence has shown that ULMWP has minimal positive contribution to the Pacific region, especially countries in the Pacific region, especially MSG member countries.

There is one thing I want to convey to the small group of separatist supporters of Free Papua, that Indonesia is one of the countries in the world that did not get its independence for free, Indonesia’s independence was won with difficulty, won with blood, sweat and lives, if the heroes have fought with blood, If the heroes have fought with blood, lives and sweat to seize Indonesian independence, then our duties and obligations as the younger generation of Indonesia are to fill that independence with positive things and defend the sovereignty of the territory of the Republic of Indonesia in various ways, whatever the risk of defending the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia is sacred and is an obligation of faith for every Indonesian citizen from Sabang to Merauke.

By: Ali Kabiay

Secretary General of the DPP Barisan Merah Putih RI
Chairman of Saireri II Indigenous Youth of Nabire
Chairman of DPD Youth Mandala Trikora Papua


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