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Beranda Hukum&Kriminal Raid the KKB Headquarters Kodap XVI Yahukimo Leader of Kopi Tua Heluka,...

Raid the KKB Headquarters Kodap XVI Yahukimo Leader of Kopi Tua Heluka, Police Secure 1 KKB member and a number of evidence

Jayapura- Joint TNI-POLRI officers, Cartenz-2023 Damai Ops, Safe Nusa I Task Force and 3 Yon D Mobile Brigade Corps of the Papuan Police Together with the Yahukimo Police have taken legal action by raiding the KKB headquarters of Kodap XVI Yahukimo, Leader of Kopi Tua Heluka at Yahukimo, Behind the Regent’s Office Yahukimo., Tuesday/1/8/2023.

Head of Damai Operations Cartenz-2023, Kombes Pol. Dr. Faizal Ramadhani, S.Sos, S.I.K, M.H., when confirmed, said that the joint TNI-POLRI apparatus, the Yahukimo sector Peace Ops Task Force Cartenz-2023, the Safe Nusa I Task Force, Company 3 Yon D and the Yahukimo Police were led by the Head of Operations Unit for the Yahukimo Police, AKP ALWI WAIROOY has carried out a raid and taken action against the Yahukimo KKB Headquarters behind the Yahukimo Regent’s Office, on Tuesday, August 1, 2023.

“This action was taken in response to the disturbance of shots carried out by the KKB Leader of Kopi Tua Heluka in Yahukimo on Monday 31 July 2023 yesterday, in which the KKB had shot at the Paradiso Mobile Brigade Post,” said Head of Ops Damai Cartenz.

He continued, after carrying out a precise sweep at the Old Market, the Joint TNI-PolRI apparatus secured 1 person with the initials “A.S” who was suspected of being one of the troops from the KKB led by Kopi Tua Heluka.

Kombes Faizal added, from the results of interrogation of 1 KKB member who had been secured, information was obtained that the Yahukimo KKB Headquarters of Kopi Tua Heluka was behind the Yahukimo Regent’s office so that the joint TNI-POLRI apparatus immediately responded by carrying out raids on the KKB headquarters.

“During the raid, there was resistance from the KKB so that gunfire between the KKB and the joint TNI-POLRI apparatus was unavoidable. As a result of the shooting, 2 members of the KKB were paralyzed and died on the spot, while one member of the Nusa I’s Safe Task Force. BHARATU JOGIANUS RICKO suffered a gunshot wound to his left thigh and has been evacuated to the DEKAI YAHUKIMO Hospital to receive medical treatment. His condition is conscious, said the Head of Ops Damai Cartenz.

Evidence that was successfully located by the Joint TNI-POLRI apparatus from the First TKP, to be precise at the old market, namely, 1 white noken and 1 HP and 1 HP cas as well as 1 Spiker.

While the evidence secured by the Joint TNI-POLRI apparatus from the second TKP, to be precise at the KKB Headquarters of Kopi Tua Heluka, behind the Yahukimo Regent’s office, namely, 5 Long Assembled Firearms, 1 Assembled Short Firearm, 4 rounds of ammunition, 3 rounds 5.56 mm call ammunition, 1 call 7.62 mm ammunition, 4 arrows, 60 arrows, 6 camouflage pants, 1 red and green pants, 1 yellow blue pants, 1 black yellow pants, 1 black and green trousers, 1 red and black shirt, 1 backpack, 1 striped trousers, 1 red and yellow trousers, 1 striped green trousers, 2 striped shirts, 1 black trousers, 1 blue and white sarong , 1 gray T-shirt, 1 blue-purple short-sleeved sweater, 6 machetes, 1 axe, 2 yellow machete sheaths, 1 slope pattern bag, 1 Weircom HT brand, 1 red cell phone, 1 vayuan razor, 2 motor keys, 1 white blue koflo, 2 iron bow eyes, 2 iron files, 1 pliers, 1 L key, 1 white blue black noken, 1 hat black koplo, 1 flashlight and 2 cellphones.

“1 KKB member with the initials “A.S” and a number of pieces of evidence, have been secured to the Yahukimo Police for further examination and identification process” Close Head of Ops Damai Cartenz.


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