Minggu 4 Juni, 2023
Beranda Hukum&Kriminal Police Investigate Letter of Entrusted KKB to Pilot Susi Air

Police Investigate Letter of Entrusted KKB to Pilot Susi Air

Mimika – An armed criminal group entrusted a letter to Susi Air Airline PK BVC Pilot who arrived in Jila District, Mimika Regency, Central Papua.

This action was discovered through a few minutes of video that has been successfully owned by the Police. It is suspected that the letter was handed over by one of the KKB leaders.

Kaops Damai Cartenz, Kombes Faizal Ramadhani said that the letter entrusted to the pilot from South Africa contained several requests related to the hostage taking of Captain Philip Mark Marthens which was carried out by a group led by Egianus Kogoya some time ago.

“From the letter they have a number of things and requests, the information is new but we are currently exploring it and members are also moving to confirm with the Susi Air airline,” said Faizal.

Based on the information gathered, the Jila District, Mimika Regency, Central Papua, was once inhabited by an armed criminal group in 2019, but will return to investigate the location.


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