Rabu 22 Maret, 2023
Beranda Keamanan dan Ketertiban Working Visit to Nduga Regency, Police Brigadier General Gatot Hariwibowo: "TNI POLRI...

Working Visit to Nduga Regency, Police Brigadier General Gatot Hariwibowo: “TNI POLRI Must Always Be Solid!”

Kenyam – Brigadier General Gatot Hariwibowo, S.I.K, M.A.P as the Commander of Troop III KorpBrimob Polri) together with the entourage held a Working Visit (Kunker) in the context of Cartenz-2023 Peaceful Operation Assistance and Operation Amole BKO Papua Police, Law Enforcement Against Disruption of Armed Criminal Groups (KKB) and the Political Criminal Group (KKP) in Nduga Regency, Papua Regional Police Legal Area, Thursday (26/1/23).

Brigadier General Gatot and his entourage used the Rimbun Aviasi Abadi Charter aircraft. Apart from Danpas III Korbrimob Polri, Kombes Pol. Budi Satrijo, S.I.K., M.Hum is the same as the Dansat Brimob Papuan Police, Akbp Ahmad A. Sopiyan, S.I.K as assistant to Latops Bagops KorBrimob/Team Leader and Akbp Bambang Y. Martono, S.I.K, M.Sc as Head of Sub-Division of Konbang Baglog KorBrimob/Secretary present in the group.

The arrival of Brig. ), Captain INF. Musa Siep (Pabung Kodim 17/15 Yahukimo Nduga), Danki Task Force for Peace Ops Cartenz Iptu Dodi Sudrajat Sikombang, S.Trk and all ranks of the TNI-Polri in Nduga Regency.

The Head of the Nduga Police in his remarks welcomed and reported the situation of Kamtibmas in the Nduga district.

“Welcome, General to Nduga Regency. The current situation for Kamtibmas in Nduga Regency is quite favorable,” said the Chief of Police.

In addition, he explained that the TNI-POLRI who served in Nduga Regency were committed to synergizing together to create security and order in society.

On the occasion, the Regent of Nduga, Namia Gwijangge, expressed his appreciation for the performance of the Indonesian National Police in Nduga Regency.

“We represent the Regional Government of Nduga Regency and the community would like to thank the TNI/Polri who have always helped us provide services in Nduga Regency. The past year the situation has been very conducive. We hope that in the future it will be maintained and the synergy between the Regional Government and the TNI-POLRI is something very extraordinary, economic, health and infrastructure development can run smoothly because there is high synergy between the Regional Government and the TNI/Polri,” said the Regent.

Still the Regent, “In 2023 we will carry out the National agenda, namely the preparation for the Presidential and Pilkada Elections, therefore we hope that the TNI-POLRI will work together so that this can proceed without obstacles and disturbances,” he added.

Police Brig. Gatot Hariwibowo, S.I.K, M.A.P in his briefing said that the TNI-Polri must always work together because the presence of security forces in Papua has the same goal, namely to create security and peace in society.

“The TNI/Polri must always be compact, instill in ourselves that we have one goal, namely to create conducive security. Our future task that we must face together is the election. Apart from that, there is a road construction plan that is a priority for our local government to support and provide the best security. Therefore, the TNI / Polri who are in the Nduga Regency Region must be able to provide a sense of comfort to the community in their activities, create a conducive situation in this area so that all community and local government activities run well,” he said.

In addition, he asked all personnel to remain vigilant and not to be careless about the situation.

“Don’t be careless, increase your awareness, don’t underestimate the situation, we will give our best performance,” he concluded.

Meanwhile in Jayapura, Head of the Cartenz 2023 Peace Ops Public Relations Task Force Kombes Pol Donny Charles Go, SIK confirmed the existence of this activity.

“This activity is in the framework of assistance for Cartenz-2023 Peaceful Operation Assistance and Operation Amole BKO Papua Police, Law Enforcement Against Disruption of Armed Criminal Groups (KKB) and Political Criminal Groups (KKP) in Nduga Regency. The TNI-Polri will always be present for the community to ensure activities can run smoothly and prevent disturbances and provide a sense of security to the public,” explained Kombes Pol Donny Charles as Head of the Cartenz Peace Ops Public Relations Task Force 2023.


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